Friday, July 30, 2010

10.20.30's and Then Some.

I've been rethinking the whole "10.20.30. Photo Shoot Event" format (check out the details of what I am talking about here).
It seemed like a decent idea, and I got lots of positive feedback, but no one is signing up and I am beginning to get bored with it.  I tend to do that, get bored with things, very easily.  Especially when it's not really going anywhere.  I don't want to completely toss out the idea- I mean, people have told me they plan to sign up in the future, not to mention the free shoot I owe to the contest winner who came up with the name for me!  Plus, I still think it is a good idea... I am just not famous for my patience and, well, this "event" thing has got me antsy.
So I have been thinking...
Thinking about restructuring the format of the 10.20.30's.  But then they would really no longer be able to be called 10.20.30...
Or I could advertise like crazy for the next one.  I just don't want to get obnoxious with it... I prefer word of mouth.  Word of mouth has been good to me so far!
Oh, what to do...
Oh, the joys of working for myself :)

In other news, I had a lot of fun photographing my children the other day at Mt Airy Arboretum.  It was just me and the tots hanging out by the lake.  Next time I will bring someone else with me.  It didn't cross my mind until I was actually there and taking pictures of my 1 year old son, how difficult it would be to also look after my 3 year old daughter who was so keen to go "fishing" in the lake.  Luckily, no harm befell anyone, and we all went home dry. Well, at least lake-dry... we were all drenched in sweat!  If you are my friend on Facebook, you've probably seen these already, but here they are again- just because those kids are so darn cute!

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 12, Albers Family Reunion

I had the pleasure of doing family portraits for the Albers family during their annual family reunion- what a fun group of people!  We found some shade from the hot sunny day (and a halfway decent backdrop for the photos) under a tree at Colerain Park.

With a large group of people, so much needs to be orchestrated.  It can be difficult to find small, candid moments.  I did manage to catch this- probably one of my favorite shots, after the happy couple posed with her sitting in the tree.  She had a hard time getting down on her own:

For these portraits, I had to do a little more posing of people than I typically tend to do.  But young children will do as they please:

The tree was a big hit with the older kids (and kids at heart) because it was begging to be climbed.

All in all, it was a good time with a great group of people!  Thanks, Roni, for the opportunity.