Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Hubert Family 6.23.11

 Families are so much fun. I mean, really, what is better than getting together with brothers and sisters and cousins and grandparents and just hanging out and having a good time? I'd say, not much! It was a fun time at the park with the Hubert family, and a fantastic opportunity for photographs. I have to tell you, my personal favorite of these few I'm sharing with you, is the one with the stroller- everyone else is checking out the turtles in the pond, and the baby girl is just having a blast with her blankie!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Hubert Family 5.30.2011

It was a hot hot Memorial Day, so luckily the Hubert family and I met up late morning before the real heat of the day set in. (By the way, apparently Spring Grove Cemetery is a great place to go on Memorial Day... lots of activities and special events, if that's your thing. Luckily for our purposes, though, most of those activities didn't start till our shoot was over!)
It has been really fun to be able to photograph the Hubert family over the years. This is our third family shoot together! The first was when their kids were 4 years, 2 years, and one month old (this was before I started blogging my shoots, but you can see some of those photos on my Facebook page). The second was last year, when the little guy had just turned one year old (which you can check out here). How special to be able to watch them grow, and see how much they've changed year after year!
We spent the majority of our time together near one particular pond at Spring Grove. Maybe it's looking at the water and all the reflections, but as I was going through these photos I kept thinking they looked like they belonged in a dream. Or a fairy tale. Maybe it's just me!
Here are a few to share :)