Sunday, May 30, 2010

Melissa and Shawn

It was a beautiful day for an afternoon at the park with a beautiful couple!  But, boy, was it hot!  Luckily there was plenty of shade to go around, and Melissa and Shawn looked comfortable, cool as cucumbers in front of the camera.  Complete naturals!

I had an idea, since it was such a hot day, of the couple taking their shoes off and rolling up their pant legs to go stand ankle-deep in the fountain.  Unfortunately there is a wicked slope from the edge of the pool and who knows how far they would have had to wade (or slip) to find a flat bottom, so that shot will have to wait for another day, another body of water.

We went from the park to the church where they first met and where Shawn proposed.  I knew it would be a bit cheesy, but I had them reenact The Moment for a photo.  A boy out dog-walking spotted us and shouted, "Hey did you propose at night?"  Shawn replied that he had.  "I was there. I saw you!" he called as he walked down the road.  How random and interesting is that?  I wish I had gotten a decent picture of him, but it took a second for me to realize he wasn't just heckling or being nosy. 

I loved this church building!  The architecture as well as the deep red front doors made for a really nice backdrop. 

It's wild to think that Melissa and I have been photographed in our pajamas with our sisters at the ripe old age of 2 or 3 years... first little toddler friends.  It is really cool to be back in each other's lives in this way!  I am truly honored to be able to photograph her engagement and I am eager and excited about photographing the wedding of this beautiful couple!  Congrats, Melissa and Shawn!

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 23, 2010 with the Huberts

I had a great time with the Hubert family this past Sunday afternoon!  It was a hot day (too hot for May, in my opionion!)... I think we all had worked up a sweat at some point throughout our hour together (at least I was BEHIND the camera!) but these five beautiful people looked good, no matter what!

Luckily there was a water fountain nearby to help cool off a bit...

Poor big brother had to have his nap interrupted to make it to the park, and he was certainly sleepy for the first half hour or so.  I don't think he cracked a smile till after Mom and Dad swung him around and up in the air.  After that, he seemed to warm up to me and my camera a bit more.  (Going to check out the turtles and other wildlife at the pond helped, too).


It is hard to believe that the littlest Hubert man is already a year old!  Seems like just the other day I was shooting his newborn photos with the family.  He has certainly grown up into a curious little dude.  He was so interested in my camera and really wanted to give it a closer look, and his curiosity made for some really adorable and unique shots of the family! 


It was great to have the opportunity to work with the Huberts again, to see how the kids have grown and changed.  I adore how their love for one another really shines through and permeates their pictures.  It's people like this that make my job easy :)