Thinking about hiring katyC to be your photographer? Here is a description of my style so you know what to expect!

-Simple. No artificial backgrounds, oversized props, or garish studio lighting. It is simply you. It is simply honest, and true to life.

-Comfortable. Because I shoot at a location of your choosing, without unnatural props or lighting, it is easy to relax and be yourself.

-Enjoyable. Seriously. How could it NOT be?? :)

-Artistic. I am an artistic photographer, with a BFA in photography and electronic media from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at University of Cincinnati. I want to create images that you want to display prominently in your home!

-Affordable. You might find other photographers similar to me, but none with my experience, and none as affordable. I believe in photography, in how it enriches our lives. I believe it is important for each of us to have access to excellent quality photography to surround ourselves with, to document our lives with. Not just for special occasions, but for any occasion. Or no occasion at all, but just because you can!

I am open to pretty much any photographic venture you come up with, including but not limited to: maternity, family, and child portraiture, engagement portraits, actors' headshots, band photos, athletic photos, and corporate or business group photos and headshots.

Curious about who I am? Here is a little bit of info about Kate Combs, the owner and photographer of katyC photography!

-Most people these days do call me 'Kate', though everyone who knew me before I went to college called me 'Katy'. I guess I'm bringing it back ;)

-I am a mother to two of the most fantastic children on the planet.

-I am the wife of a soft-spoken computer nerd who had a mohawk in highschool. 

-Aside from photography, some of my other interests and talents include singing, guitar playing, couponing, sarcasm, interior design, acting, reading, writing, and embarrassing my husband and children.