Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Married? Check this out!

If you or someone you know is getting married, they MUST check out this awesome giveaway put together by some dear friends of mine!

I went to art school with Amy and Aaron. They now own a brand new company:


To give their new business venture a kick-start, they have put together a giveaway: they are giving away a wedding. An entire wedding. For free. Dresses, tuxes, food, photography, makeup, hair- you name it. Every element of the wedding done for free from top-notch vendors. It's incredible. Makes me wish I wasn't already married just so I could enter!!

A couple would be crazy not to go for this. Seriously!

Click the image below for the lowdown on how to enter. Entries will be accepted from February 14 (aww, Valentine's Day. Romantic, right guys? "Happy Valentine's Day, dear. I entered us to win the wedding of our dreams for free." Do it.) through March 6, 2012. That's only a few weeks, so don't dilly dally!


Explore their websites. They are seriously talented folks, my friends! And an adorable family, to boot.

Let me know if you enter, so I can vote for you!!!