for the little ones

Have an upcoming photo shoot with your baby or toddler? Here are a few ideas and suggestions to keep your little ones happy and photogenic!

For Newborns
Comfort and simplicity is key for great photographs with your newborn. Don't worry about finding the perfect outfit for your little babe; their birthday suit is the cutest (and easiest) thing for them to wear! Rich textures and solid colors are great. Swaddling is adorable.

For Older Babies
Snacks are great encouragement for older babies! Think about non-messy snacks like cheerios or Gerber puffs, and plain sippie cups or bottles. Also distractions like flowers, a favorite toy or blanket, books, and balls can be great additions to your photographs while keeping your baby interested and happy!
For Toddlers and Preschoolers
Entertainment is important for the ever-active toddler and curious preschooler! Bubbles and balloons are excellent and photogenic ways to keep your little one happy during a photo shoot. Of course snacks are encouraged- lollipops and apples are yummy treats that also look great in photos. Think about shooting your photographs in a location that is secure enough for your little explorer to roam and play.